In 2008 graduated from Cracow University of Technology's Department of Architecture with specialisation in Architecture and Urban Planning (M.Arch. RIBA accredited)

In years 2010-2011 attended GlobLife computer graphics school in Cracow. Main areas of education included Photoshop and Flash.

In the years 2004-2014 employed as assistant, engineer and finally assistant architect in STARBUD architectural studio. Main areas of work included CAD drawings, illustrations, architectural visualisations, in situ measurements and conceptual designs.

Acquired full architectural license in 2012.

In years 2014-2018 employed as consulting artist for Australia-based Killerfish Games company while working on Atlantic Fleet mobile, Atlantic Fleet PC and Cold Waters games. Main tasks incuded modeling and unwrapping of low/med poly 3d models of vessels, aircrafts and scenery objects, making LOD models and textures for these, development of Unity particle emitters (effects) and creation of 2d images used through the games for ingame events. Main tools used: 3ds Max, Photoshop CC, Poser, Unity.

Additional game asset creation-oriented experience gathered thanks to hobby as self-taught modder for Thirdwire's Strike FIghters series of games (cockpits models, textures, effect).

Currently working on improving sculpting skills: Sculptris, ZbrushCore.

Amateur photographer and fan of aviation.

Resident of Cracow, Poland, European Union.

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